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World's first fiscal android taximeter Equinox_P

myTaxiControl Video

iPhone/iPad & Android app myTaxiControl. Don't ever board a taxi again without myTaxiControl. Your guard against manipulated taximeters. No longer ...

Taximeter for car2go - iPhone App Preview Trailer

Admit it: every time you drive a car2go there is a question that haunts you : “how much am I spending?” Be smart and start saving up money. Get “Taximeter for ...

Cab4Me Android App review -

Review of Cab4Me by - the definitive source of Android app reviews.

Taxi Meter Smartphone Application

This Smartphone Application traces the Auto Rickshaw route, calculates distance covered and shows the cost.

Fare Calculator for Android Apps

Fare Calculator for Android Apps You have probably used an ...

Android-App Review: car2go

http// car2go:

Taxi cab driver - android app -

Stop waving your hand looking for a TAXI. Taxi and Cab app allows you to Request a Taxi by just a click of button.You could even become a driver and start ...

ixPocket develops mobile taxi meter app for TfL

ixPocket, the london based mobile app developer creates a mobile taxi meter app for Transport for London: ...

Link Lanka Taxi Meter Demonstration

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